400-watt amplifier with 2sc5200 & 2sa1943 [Updated]



Today may be integrated or audio projects that we have played has created many trials and know how to choose a good circuit.  Many experiments have been per-amplifier circuit may be used to do through the ear through the eyes for some circuits used in this project.  But there is a similar difference certainly.  This circuit is designed - from the development cycle Power Amp's famous CROWN XLS Enjoyment in a power amp, a small version of the circuit and see j CROWN uncertainties also been updated to use the Power Amp. CROWN major version also.


Rough features of the C-500.

Raising the maximum voltage .        +/- 95V

Voltage conditioning use ....            +/- 80V
Power output ...............                  255Wrms at 8.Ohms -- 400Wrms at 4 Ohms
Frequency Response .........            20Hz - 20Khz
Input Sensitivity ..........                   1.25Vrms
Impedance input P... .......               39 kilo/Ohms.



To the right of use.  Ease of assembly.  For convenience, and the amplifier circuit.  We cut out some circuits, such as excess flow protection circuits.  Sector output and switch to a number 2SC5200 2SA1943 popular makes finding parts for building this project readily affordable.

Work cycle. 

 Power Amp circuit of this nature in the growth pressure.  The effects will be integrated Lauren Financial Amp B both motor voltage and the first sector, sector to sector two.  Compression allows Blue Coat year growth cycle has opened up high.  It is therefore beneficial to the feedback circuit to a high compression seal expansion, but has wide frequency response.  This design features integrated circuits typically found within the option - which amp to a very high compression seal expansion. 

The point of this cycle better.  Write rough work.  From transistors to act as a growth sector is the first pressure sectors Q6, Q7 number 2N5401 circuit with constant current supply approximately 3mA includes Q1, Q2 BF423 held a range of supply current at a constant dynamic Imran P. Dance. high.  In the first sector is expanding pressure compression seal expansion is not very high.  Not enough to cause a maximum power output.  The output from the effects of Forest Financial Amp sector will first be sent to The Lauren effects Amp Financial sector growth is pressuring the two sectors include Q8, Q9 number BF422 with a straight-T. software is loaded per share Q3, Q4 to a number BF423 Inc. Ruth McKinnon high. 

 Brand expansion and compression of high Q11 acts as a circuit to ASUS.  Adjusting flow of peaceful sector output.  By the transistors must be installed at Lockheed Martin want sync thermal output of the sector to prevent the scuttling of temperature protection power transistors Final avoid heat and damage.  Sector consists of a driver to Q10, Q12 to a NPN - PNP David Ling Tan (other side is the same, but PNP-NPN David Launceston) to increase the compression mold growth.  The driver in this sector to work as Class.  The flow set up by the 100 ohm R22, so peaceful flow of the sector extremely Driver is pressure drop legs astride BE sector combined output of approximately 1 to 1.2 volt peaceful flow of this sector is estimated 10 - 12. Milliman Amp sector drivers use this number MJE15032 & MJE15033 transistor voltage VCE resistant up to 250 volt current IC resistant up to 8A supports parallel output transistor Many sectors in the output transistors are used.  Tata Communications Equipment sacrifice memory parallel between the 4 pairs to support high current load when playing any other speaker load low.  If the cycle is not yet what additional improvements can be minimum 4 ohm load.

Test and refine implementation. 

Refinement after drying and MRI combined cycle smooth pressure to pay for the test circuit.  Pressure can lower pressure used to secure the pressure may be only + / -35 volt test in time.  Before the test shots extreme input into Ground.  Set the meter a needle into the heart of DC 50V output circuits from the rack power supply circuit to the meter needle will swing open only when the machine is only required output voltage from zero volt or lowest.  If the output voltage is not zero volt device to check to make sure again.  When the output voltage to zero volt, and then the next step is to adjust current calm.  The truth is the power supply to power supply + / -80 volt digital multi-meter set to DC 200mV or lower heart pressure measurements fall astride an e-meter leg resistance values from 0.47 ohm by adjusting the resistance. adjusting the flow still on board as the minimum before gradually adjusting the resistance was at a little more pressure measured to be about 3 -4 Milliman volt current will be approximately 6-8 Milliman Amp is. peaceful flow of a single transistor.  Peaceful flow of the 4 transistor circuit is the Real  out equally. 

When combined flow was restored to 28-32 Amp Milliman estimated.  Emergency organizations that use the output transistor more or less a prototype is fine too.  Such as in the experiment using a prototype transistor is only one pair.  Pressure is adjusted wages fall astride RE Value 0.47 Ohm at 14.7 volt Milliman method of measuring at a ground between the laws of Ohm.  14.7mV/0.47Ohm = 31.128mA ie current budget Inc.


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Milliman 31 Amp sure enough.  Adjust the flow still allows high sound better but may make the Final output transistor overheating.  If the fine is too low to make a sale with audio distortion boundaries (Harmonic Distortion), so it should be restored to proper flow. 

Implementation.  For this cycle can lead to increased output at other sectors of 8-10 pairs and can be driven with 2 ohm load size if you are not satisfied with the level of 400 watts when playing a load.  2 ohm is recommended to reduce pressure to lower power supply is approximately + / -60 to + / -65 volt is enough, but add the current transformer or power supply more.

This circuit provides a clear voice.  And wide frequency response makes good snap details.  Bass

will be more concise Clement.  Circuit as All Complementary.  This will provide a more gentle voice.  Listen to reason from cause to know immediately that this type of circuit is designed using the popular audio PA, so implementation is suitable for adoption in the field of live music.  Because some power amp that sounds too soft to use some of the music may cause blur of noise.  Here is a brief summary.

Please Note:

This project has already created far more questions via e-mail than I desired or expected.  For everyone who plans on making this supply ... you are essentially on your own.  I cannot (and will not) be drawn into lengthy e-mail exchanges if you cannot make the supply work.

That it does work if built as described is certain, that you will be able to achieve the same results is not.  If you do not have (or at least have access to) an oscilloscope - don't even think about trying to make the supply, as it will not be possible to ensure that the duty cycle of the controller is exactly 50%, or that there is no severe overshoot or ringing at the output.

Please do not not send me e-mails asking for help.  I will simply refer you to this paragraph - I cannot diagnose your problems via mail, and will not even try.  It is entirely up to the constructor to determine his/ her abilities before starting.

The construction of any switching supply is fraught with difficulties, risks (including but not limited to electrocution!) and problems that need to be addressed.  They are not simple (despite appearances) or easy, and there are a great many things that can go wrong.  If you are not 100% confident that you understand the issues involved, please do yourself a favour and build something else instead.



There is an implementation of

There is an implementation of small revision of the above, the designer states "both of which work well together"... Transistor Q1 is replaced by diodes "IN4148" to create a reference voltage to Q2 is fixed at 3mA constant current test, it sounds like that of a constant current circuit.. BF422/423 transistor are replaced with MPSA42/92 of its supply availability...



Here's the low cost to try for Diy purposes only...

the correct board size  is 105mm x 72mm
kindly correct it ... 8) honest mistake



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